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Overview of Chest Pain


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Overview and Pre-Quiz


Overview of H&P, Vitals, and Labs

Cardiac Causes of Chest Pain

Pulmonary Causes of Chest Pain

GI Causes of Chest Pain

Costochondritis and Anxiety

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About Course

Overview of Chest Pain

This course provides a general overview of the causes of chest pain. It is designed as the main course material the Chest Pain Virtual Rounds sessions.

In this series we will be going over:

  1. General causes of chest pain
    1. Cardiac
    2. Pulmonary
    3. Gastrointestinal
    4. Musculoskeletal
    5. Psych
  2. General Lab Overview
  3. Overview of Vital Signs
  4. Sample Cardiac Chest Pain Case

What to learn?

Build a base of knowledge about the different causes of chest pain Learn how to develop a differential diagnosis about chest pain Use information from cases to narrow down your differential diagnosis


  • This course should be completed in its entirety to participate in Virtual Rounds about cardiac complaints.


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