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Virtual Medical Rounds 1/30/22


( 24 Reviews )

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VMR 3 Quiz

Please complete this course during the live session or while watching the live recording.
VMR Session 3

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Abbas Naqvi
4.97 /5

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Family Medicine Physician and founder of Scholarly CS

Student Reviews

I really liked seeing how this case evolved from the when the patient came in to how the diagnosis was confirmed. Great session!

Very informative

It was a bit challenging but interesting to learn about different organ systems. I enjoyed it!

Developing a differential diagnosis for abdominal pain was very valuable and engaging. The live session really allow the students to contribute and learn, its an active learning style that helps the knowledge stick, it was wonderful!

Great course, I love that there is now more than just chest pain

Super interesting.

Learned so much!!

I loved it and think it was greatly presented.

Loved the added variety of this course and the integration of so many organ systems! It was great being able to build off of what I learned before and learn about how that information can interact with the new things I learned!

Amazing learning environment!